Codeigniter Tutorial – Is it worth it?

Basic Components of CodeIgniterCodeIgniter is amongst the leading frameworks of PHP on which you can built highly advance smart PHP applications. These applications are much improved and delivers the performance which is in close sync with the expectations of the users. By using this framework, you can save time and establish a strong presence on the search engines.

In this PHP web application development framework, it is easier for the developers to write code and make it readable. All together, this framework is quite compatible, free, feasible, impeccable, light weight and can be installed without any hassles.

You can download its apex version from its official website as well and weighs only 737 KB. Not much time is consumed while downloading it and it will surely consume less memory even if you will make it operational for the real time operations. CodeIgniter Was created by Rick Ellis who was the rock musician turned programmer.

How Codeigniter Tutorial Can Be Helpful For Beginners?

The biggest benefit of developing the applications on CodeIgniter is like in other frameworks, you have to do an extensive coding and the application development process is quite difficult.

In other frameworks, the web application development involves lots of methodologies and the developers have to employ immense number of techniques to make them work systematically on all types of web browsers as well as broad band speeds. In fact in the frameworks like Zend, Cake PHP and Drupal, you may have to burrow codes from the external source but in the CodeIgniter, you don’t even require to lend codes from anywhere. By writing the less codes, there are very few chances of making committing errors. In fact, by developing applications on this platform, you would not require to spend any time on debugging or unnecessary testing.

This framework is very basic and most certainly, it has different objectives. For an instance, you can create, update, read and eliminate the functionalities in some frameworks but CodeIgniter Tutorial is develop with a different point of view. It is more based on technical and architectural foundations:

codeigniter tutorialStep by Step Creation of Web Structure

Creation of organizational structure: The developers who are learning CodeIgniter can take quick grasp of its coding structure and develop the applications which can give excellent performance on types of web browsers. When you will download the this framework in your desktop, you will be provided with the quick learners guide which most surely be instrumental in resolving all your doubts.

Execution of logic in a step by step manner: You can execute the guided logical concepts in a step by step manner and later on can provide an excellent modular structure to the applications. By doing this you will be able to create an impeccable functionalities for the applications or the website.

Follow the Standards laid by PHP consortium: Being the framework of PHP, the developers while developing the applications on CodeIgniter, the developers should follow the standards laid by the universal consortium which will further instill an excellent quality in the applications.

Testing: There are immense number of CodeIgniter testing tools available in the online world, so by choosing any of the free available tools, you as the amateur developer in the later stages can test the performance and finally deliver the project to the respective clients.

Basic Components of CodeIgniter

Smart Command System: The components of CodeIgniter are packed in such a way that whenever routines are executed or given commands, controls commence working own its own. The entire system is developed in such a way that it doesn’t assumes anything and follows the commands within the set peripheral lines. Hence, you can say that this framework is light weight.

Component Dependency: The term coupling is used to define the term in which the components rely on each other to make the system operability more reliable. In fact, the whole concept is fewer the dependency on the components better will be the performance of the applications.

Consolidated Functionality: Every component in the CodeIgniter has its own functionality and it can be utilized to allow maximized usefulness.

All together, CodeIgniter explains that it can be integrated with PHP 4.3 and PHP 5.0 or even above to create the best applications. It also support several data base like MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle and various other launch pads similar to it.

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